World of Tanks Blacklist & Friendlist Analyser
by Zoe Ballz (

Welcome to Blacklist & Friendlist Analyser.

This API will read your contact details from the WarGaming database and collect data about the people you have got on your contact lists. It will then catagorise the listed players and give you the results and give you your Friendlist and Blacklist sorted by date last seen in game, so you can tell who hasn't played for a long time. Especially useful if your Friendlist is full and you want to remove people who have not played for ages. You can see an example report HERE.

This API will require you to login on the World of Tanks website, to obtain authorisation to access your contact list data (in the same way that other authorised websites do, e.g. ModXVM). If you do not want to do this, then please simply close this window now.

No personal information about you is retained on this website. If you wish to retain any of the information shown, then feel free to take screenshots or copy/paste the data for safe keeping. I may add a download feature to save the data on your own computer in the future, but not for the moment.

Please click the LOGIN link below, for the server that you play on. You will be logged out automatically once the analysis is complete.

Please note: Results may take a minute to collect, depending on how many people are using the API right now and how big your blacklist is. Please be patient :-)

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ASIA Server- Login

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