World of Tanks - Tank Performance by Map
Analysis by Zoe Ballz (

Last Analysis run on 19th June 2023
on 684,440 Unique Random Battles from the last 2 years

This analysis has been collated from all RANDOM 15v15 battles (or less players perhaps for lower tiers) that I have in the database, from the last 2 years. The figures shown are the averages for the specific tanks on both the winning and the losing teams. The results of the person who sent me each battle, have deliberately been excluded, so if they were a particularly good or bad player, their standard of play will not skew the results either way. Only the other "random" people in battle have been counted. For some tanks, I admit I have relatively few results. For others, there are more than enough to get a general picture on how a tank performs.

The main point of this analysis, was to find out which tanks might be best for specific Campaign Missions and which maps you might want to BLOCK for those missions, for example, on which map does the Maus bounce the least amount of damage ? If you are doing the German tank missions for the Chimera to bounce twice the hit points of your vehicle, the maps where that tank (on average) bounces the least, might be good maps to block. Having said that, I have included ALL tiers in the results, cos, "Why not" !

Please feel free to comment on my forum posts with any questions, observations or errors.

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