World of Tanks - Average Battle Duration 2013-2023
by Number of Artillery in the Battles

Analysis by Zoe Ballz (

Last Analysis run on 9th July 2023
on 4,940,346 Unique Random Battles

This analysis has been done, to try to answer the question "Does Artillery Prevent Camping ? ".

This has been a source of contention for YEARS and as far as I am aware, nobody has yet answered it (not with any actual proof anyway !).

Well one thing to think about is this; Many people are already complaining that battles are getting shorter, which I think I have already proved is not, in fact, the case, but that isn't the point. (You can see my analysis on that HERE). The results below appear to show that having artillery in battles does actually prolong the battle's duration (albeit not by much), but even if it were by long time, is that necessarily a bad thing ? After all, do we actually WANT shorter battles and therefore have even MORE people complaining battles are getting shorter ? 😊

This analysis has been collated from all RANDOM 15v15 battles (or less players perhaps for lower tiers) that I have in the database. For some months, there are relatively few results. For others, there are more than enough to get a general picture on how long the battles last. Please note that the battles with 4 or 5 arty in them were very rare anyway, so the results for those are pretty eratic due to very low sample numbers. Also I have excluded the 1 single battle I have in the database with 6 arty in each team !

Point to the lines on the graph for extra information on how many battle examples were used to obtain the figures.

These are OVERALL results and are for all Random Battles in the database, for ALL tiers.

Please feel free to comment on my forum posts with any questions, observations or errors.

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