World of Tanks - Average Battle Duration 2013-2023
Analysis by Zoe Ballz (

Last Analysis run on 16th July 2023
on 4,950,803 Unique Random Battles

This analysis has been collated from all RANDOM 15v15 battles (or less players perhaps for lower tiers) that I have in the database. For some months and tiers, there are relatively few results. For others, there are more than enough to get a general picture on how long the battles last.

Point to the lines on the graph for extra information on how many battle examples were used to obtain the figures.

OVERALL results are for all Random Battles in the database, for ALL tiers. Click on a tier button to see the results for specific tiers.

NOTE: If you click on (for example) Tier 6, the results shown are for ALL battles that contained Tier 6's irrespective of whether they were top or bottom tier. Also note that for the oldest years, it was possible for a Tier 1 tank to be in a Tier 10 battle !!

ALSO NOTE: Tiers 1-3 look a little eratic. This is most likely due to the low number of replays I have for low tiers.

PERCENTILES: What are they ?
The 50th Percentile is the time at which 50% of the total battles have finished and 50% have not. The 1/2 way point, also known as the "median".
The 25th Percentile is the time at which 25% of the total battles have finished and 75% have not.
The 75th Percentile is the time at which 75% of the total battles have finished and 25% have not.
A Battle (as mentioned in the results) is one battle which had one or more tanks of that tier in it.

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