ZoeBallz.uk Privacy Policy
by Zoe Ballz (twitch.tv/zoeballz)

This website does not itself use cookies. Cookies ARE however, used by Google Adsense to display adverts on the pages.

When you upload replays to my site, you agree that all data contained in those replays may be used to produce World of Tanks Statistics.

The "In Game Name" of the player who sent the replay to me, may also be used in messages to say thank you to them, for uploading it.

At the time of writing this, the 5 most recent uploader's "In Game Names" would be displayed on my Twitch stream, when live, at Twitch.tv/zoeballz ,
and possibly in videos produced by Zoe, which would under normal circumstances, be published on Youtube and/or Tiktok.

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