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The replays will be used for analysis of all sorts of things, e.g. Have you ever thought "This tank was very accurate last month but this month I can't hit the side of a barn from the inside" ? Ever wondered if maybe there was a "quiet" nerf ? With enough replays I can get statistics for that kind of thing. Simply click the link below to download the Uploader App. It is a BULK uploader. You do NOT have to upload one at a time like on WoTReplays. It can upload them all with a few clicks. It can even upload your replays if you only keep the one from the "Last Battle". You can see the analyses I have already done listed further down.this page.

Simply save the download onto you desktop and run it. It will only upload any given replay once. It won't upload the same one again. In "BULK MODE" it can be started and stopped at any time. The next time you run it, it will pick up from where it left off. Once it has uploaded all the replays you currently have, if you could run it maybe once or twice a week, to upload any new ones you have, that would be great.

In "RECENT MODE" it will only upload brand new replays, just after you have played the battle and this will give you access to the LIVE data on the "Current Maps in Rotation" page. Hopefully this page will prove to be useful when trying mark or grind tanks, or trying to avoid certain maps. Don't get disheartened if there's not much data there to start with. It will need a fair few people using it at the same time to get the data together. Just leave the uploader running in the background while you play.

Results of analyses will be published on the forums and Facebook groups.

This is going to take a LOT of replays so your help would be appreciated. Literally ANY replays you have will do, no matter how old or good or bad. It's not YOUR performance I'm looking at. It's everyone else.

Let me know if you have any problems !!

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World of Tanks - Latest Analyses
12th July 2023

Average Battle Duration by Number of Artillery in Battle - 2013 to 2023

Trying to answer the question "Does Arty Prevent Camping ?". Have a look at the results.

9th July 2023

Average Tank Performance by MAP for Onslaught Mode

See which are the best and worst performing maps for specific tanks in this game mode. Useful for deciding which tanks to play on certain maps. Have a look.

6th July 2023

Average Battle Duration - 2013 to 2023
(Overall and per Tier, also showing 25th, 50th and 75th Percentiles)

Many people say that battles are getting shorter all the time. I admit I felt that way as well, BUT it looks like I was wrong. The question is, what is it about the battles that makes people FEEL that way, when the stats do not bear that out ? Feel free to comment on the forums with you thoughts. Links to my forum posts on the subject can be found on the analysis page. Have a look.

18th June 2023

Average Tank Performance by MAP for Grand Battles

See which are the best and worst performing maps for specific tanks over the last 2 years. Useful for deciding which tanks to play when doing missions and Campaign Missions where you need lots of damage maybe ? Have a look.

13th June 2023

Average Tank Performance by MAP

See which are the best and worst performing maps for specific tanks over the last 2 years. Useful for deciding which maps to block when doing missions and Campaign Missions. Have a look.

Twitch Stuff
Information and utilities directly connected with streaming on Twitch,.
Blocklist Buddy
is a system which can block Followbots and Spambots from attacking your streams.
If you have problems then it's definitely worth a LOOK !
The Blocklist Buddy CustomAPI
The API works as a custom command for your StreamElements or Nightbot, to tell you if a new follower or someone in your chat is a known BOT account. Find out how !
Pretzel Now Playing Overlay CustomAPI
If you use a Web Browser to play your Pretzel music on your streams, you can now have the track Now Playing on your stream video, using this simple overlay API / command for StreamElements or Nightbot. Get details HERE.
Twitch Safe Music by Pretzel.Rocks
If you are worried about COPYRIGHT STRIKES from playing music on your Twitch Streams, Pretzel have a fantastic selection of great Twitch and Youtube safe music (over 550k tracks) for you to use. Go check it out at Pretzel.Rocks.

Other World of Tanks Stuff !
Blacklist and Friendlist Analyser
See who is on your friends and blacklist, sorted by "date last seen" and a some other details about who is there ! Useful if your friendlist or blacklist is getting full.
Try it now
What Is Actually IN Your Replays ?
Ever wondered what else is in your replays apart from your own stats for the battle ?
Have a look
Which Spawn Point Is Which In Clan Wars etc. ?
A useful page which lists the spawn points, map sizes for all the maps in the game, & has the saved file names for each map as well. Please let me know if any are missing.
Click to see
How Many Blueprint Fragments Do You Need ?
A table showing the total fragments you need to research from one tier to another.
Click to see
Zoe's Zmodz Modpack
You can get my MODPACK to have all the mods you see me using on my streams. And before anyone asks, YES, it is written in Dos Batch Script !

Current WoT Database Information

Here's a little bit of information for any Nerds out there.

The main database files currently contain around 5.65 million replays. The main data file is HUGE. As of 31st October 2023, it is 449.7 Gigabytes.

Obviously, it would take ages to read every single record on that file for every single analysis, so each battle is assigned what are called "attributes" which are simple "Yes" or "No" questions. Examples of these would be "Does this battle contain a Maus ?", "Was this battle on Ensk ?" or "Was this battle in June 2023 ?".

The attributes are stored in a separate database table as simple 1's and 0's in batches of 10,000 at a time, so by doing simple "AND" and "OR" operations, I can find all of the battle numbers for a set of attributes very quickly. It's also known as doing a "bitmap selection". This means I then only have to read the specific records of those battles I need, instead of reading through the entire database, trying to find battles that match any criteria I might want.

As a rough breakdown of attributes, they include every map, tank, month/year, region, battle type and game client version, at present. There is also an attribute called "chunk". This is what data type that battle is stored as. An incomplete battle (where the player left the battle before it ended) is a type 1. complete battles are type 2, and type 3 is where the battle results were obtained from the web pages.

See All Attributes . 😊

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